MMA Judo Jiu Jitsu Wood pattern Training Mat

9pcs Interlocking Floor Foam Gym Mats

  • $31.73

Interlocking Floor Foam Gym Mats

Feature: Wrinkle-Resistant, Waterproof, Corrosion-Resistant,
Puzzle locking
Pattern Type: Wood

Anti-Fatigue EVA Puzzle Foam Interlocking Floor Mats 9 Pieces
These mats will interlock with each other.
It provides a cushion on hard floor surfaces in gyms, exercise rooms, trade shows, playrooms, etc.
It's made of foam.
EVA Foam does not absorb water so these mats are completely waterproof.
These EVA Puzzle Mats are easily cleaned with soap water or can be wiped with a wet rag.

Color: Light/Dark
Size of each mat (borders included): 30cm*30cm*0.7cm

Sport Type: MMA, Crossfit, Training, Workout, Yoga