Battling Rope Anchor

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Battling Rope Anchor
Equipment: Anchor

Provides a safe and secure anchor point for the Battling Rope or the Resistance Bands and Tubes to be looped through. Can be bolted to the floor or mounted on a wall.
This is useful for professional and home gyms, and will add convenience and intensity to your workout.
Note: Each kit includes one (1) wall-mount anchor and the necessary mounting hardware
Your Rope is less likely to:
- get tangled or knotted
- come loose
- get in the way
- keep your gym space clean and tidy
The anchor can also be used with the 41 inch bands for doing pushing and pulling movements when attached at chest height.
Base plate: 32cm (L) x 5cm -W) x 5mm (T)
Loop is 10.5cm high and 9cm wide
Weight: 1.1kg