Gymnastics Training Bands

  • $18.80

Gymnastics Training Bands

Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
Application: Pull Rope
Material: elastic fabric

Features : 

Made from polyester elastic fabric ,more comfortable to touch , not sticky like the rubber bands

High > 140cm Adult , suitable for 90cm length *4cm wide  ;  High < 140cm kids , suitable for 80cm length *4cm wide  

Special TWO in ONE DESIGN ,strech band and exercise loop in one clever design , come with 15kg resistance 

If you are a dance lover or Gymnast , this band Benefit : 
1:Help you correction shrug, arched back ,  spine is not straight,
2:Correction your dance pose , help you Master the shift of body weight,
3:Good for coordination ,balance and endurance training,
4:Help to correction pigeon-toed;toed-out.
If you are a yoga ,pilates and fitness lover ,this band benefit :
1:8 loops design , The loops can be used as handles, or you can insert your feet,   This helps with 
   many exercises, including leg exercises.
2:8 loops have ample room for your feet and you can vary the resistance depending on which loop you pull with,
  or doubled up   for a much greater resistance.
This bands also popular used at clinics and hospital for Rehabilitation