Tactical Slingshot with Laser Sight and Flash Light

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Tactical Slingshot

This slingshot is incredible to enhance accuracy training. Easy to use and great performance.

1. Black, Solid Steel Frame durable slingshot model with Red strong elastic rubber band,
2. A Folding Rubberized Wrist Brace Support inserted at the back of steel frame enables you to 'fix' your slingshot firmly on your wrist.
3. Ergonomic Grip Handle is made of plastic and covered by artificial leather which will help you grip your slingshot firmly and comfortably, in addition to that, it is also a steel bbs(ammo and fuel) storage box that you may store around 8 or16 piece of steel balls(3/8'' or 1/4'' diameter individually) into it. A steel ball may come out and fall down by simply clicking on a button protruding from the handle with your little finger. Convenient, isn't it?
4. Ammo Holder Device includes a Plastic Pouch, a Leather Pulling Patch & a magnet which is behind the Plastic Pouch, will improve the accuracy of trajectory without holding the steel BBs. You find your target, before shooting at it, you will have to pull and tighten the rubber band, you are pulling a Leather Patch at the back, while the steel BBs is held by the Plastic Pouch at the front which includes a magnet. Don't you think it will improve your shooting accuracy and more convenient without holding your ammo with your thumb and forefinger?
5. Red Laser Pointer will assist you to designate and aim at your target quickly and accurately. What's more, it will help you to shoot a target safely. Why? When you are pulling rubber band and about to shoot, you will have to 'put' your eyes near your slingshot horizontally, rubber band maybe aging fracture or it is not fixed well on a slingshot, then it will rebound to your face and eyes! To avoid this accident that we don’t want to see, a laser pointer is important and essential, you can just keep your eyes far from the slingshot. You can improve your shoot-with-laser-sight skill by practicing frequently. The red laser pointer is 650nm with a power less than 5mw which is strictly conform to FDA's requirement in the United States and won't greatly harm others' and your eyes.
6. Tactical Flashlight/Torch will help you to locate and find your target at low light or no light condition easily. It is equipped with a 80-Lumen Xenon bulb.
Specifications in Brief:
-Plastic Pouch and Leather Pulling Patch with magnet
-High Quality Tubular Thrust Bands
-Folding Rubberized Wrist Brace
-Laser Pointer
-Ergonomic Grip Handle, yet also functioning as Ammo Storage Box
-Strong & Durable Steel Frame
-Battery for Flashlight: 1xCR123A (Not included), Batteries for Laser Sight: 3xLR44(Not included) 

*These items can be dangerous and should be used with caution by mature individuals or guidance.